sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2008

VIII. Red night with Red Snapper

woooow... what a great concert i saw last night @ Santiago Alquimista
it's the second time i saw Red Snapper live, and they are absolutely amazing!!!

and... (hooOOOOooooOOooowls)... that double bass... *sighs*

awesome! i went there with my friend Lucas (thank yoooooou), saw my old friend Madruga, and met some new people... very, very nice... and ended the night @ Caxin-bar (finally went there - great bar!)
and... i met the Red Snappers! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :P
i really don't know what else to write ... except that it was a really great evening :)
...and...very RED

saudaaaaade, saudaaaaade...

Botequim, awesome 'tasca' :D

electric train

old tree

me & Lucas

trying to fish some Red Snappers :D
geeeeez... i'm such a terrible paparazzi...

haunted Santiago

stage or sea?... waiting to start fishing some red snappers

i love this baby!!!!


Red Snapper Ali turning red

Red Snapper Tom turning green

Red Snapper David turning dark

Red Snapper Rich glowing

Red Snappers @ Red Sea

Ali & me

 me & Tom

2 double bass players - Lucas & Ali

MM & me :P

Red glass


burning in the crow's city
...i see RED people...

my oldest dream...

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