sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2008

VI. Hell.oween brothers

me and my oldest brother heading to... PARTY!!!
let´s make a living hell @ Xantarim :D

V. Happy Hell.oween!!! ^,..,^

just to wish you all a happy hell.oween!!!!

quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008

IV. Animarun08

finally... after almost 6 months waiting, Animarun's ceremony will be tonight @ Restart.
me and my friend Mia will go get that 2nd prize, finally... although is not what we were expecting that the prize would be...
anyway... winning the 2nd place in a 48 hours animation contest is awesome, and i hope she wants to try again next year, because although being stressfull, it was a lot of fun! so, as i kept saying to my contest colleagues (in the worst hours)...
(which means... goodmorning joy!)
maybe later i'll post some comments about it ;)

quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2008

III. EvilEve Oh

some of you might think 'why the hell does she write in english?'...
well... i have some friends that ain't portuguese, so, the best way to share with them is in english, and it's another good way to practice it :P
i met all of them in Second Life (from now on always referred as SL)... and that is a hell of a 'game' (hell cause sometimes it really can be HELL)
so...for those who don't know... EvilEve Oh is my alter ego @ SL...
she is tall (very tall), skinny, sometimes has fangs, she can fly and has really cool demon wings, has my Real Life (from now on referred as RL) hair, and like me in RL, always wears black... but also as in RL, she isn't GOTH!!! (some of u might think... 'yeah, right', and yes...right, me and EvilEve aren't goth!)
and she has also a beautiful cat called Freud which was a gift from my dear friend Sigmund on my 32nd birthday... meeeeooOOOOOooooOOOOoooOOOOOooow

mmm... not really in the mood for blogging... later  
>pc's a bitten apple!!! :P

*text reviewed @ 22:08 ... some bad grammar... dammit! 
ty Sdt :)

EvilEve Oh and Freud @ Middle, <3 Island

II. 2nd entry (if i can call it an entry)

well... much, much later...
and won´t be now that's for sure...
maybe tomorrow... now... middle of my dreams.

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

I. 1st entry

finally decided to create a blog, or should i say... monologue, monoblog, mono... whatever... and now what?...
mmmmmm... i think i should first remove the messiness in my damned hair... o.O
i'll talk to myself, about myself... later.